Are there additional costs I should expect? 

We believe in a "what you see is what you get" philosophy, so the pricing for our products is pretty straightforward. There are no hidden costs, but you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge once you're inside the Learning Environment. We additionally offer special one-on-one online video chat sessions with one of our experienced Intercultural Specialists. If you'd like more information about that, please reach out to our team here.

Can I get my training on my mobile device? 

All of CultureCloud is available on your mobile device or tablet. 

Once I purchase a course, what happens next?

After purchasing your package, you’ll receive an email link with a username and password. If you ever forget your password, you can always go to the login screen and click  ‘I’ve forgotten my password.' You can begin taking your course immediately if you like... or you can wait to begin your course when you have a bit more time to focus. If you want to take a break and come back to your course later, just visit the login page, and enter your username (your email address) and your password. It’s that simple! 

How long do I have to complete my training?

While we think it's best to complete all of the courses in CultureCloud relatively quickly, we understand that sometimes things get in the way, so we give you a full year of access to all of the content and courses you've purchased in CultureCloud.

Where is CultureCloud available?

CultureCloud is available for over 90 countries around the world, and we are constantly adding and updating content. If you don't see your country of choice listed, please contact us to see if we will be adding it soon.

I'd like to purchase CultureCloud for several people.

Fantastic! We love to share the CutureCloud love. Contact us so we can work together on a bulk price for your team.

I have some really specific questions about the country I'm interested in. How do I get help?

All of our courses are completely online and self-guided. If you have specific questions about a country you're interested in, or you need some advice about an upcoming assignment overseas, you can purchase one-on-one time with one of our Culture Coaches, who can meet with you via video to talk through any needs you might have. 

Do you offer in-person training?

To make CultureCloud more accessible for those with busy schedules, our services have been designed to be completed online at your own pace, on your own time.  If you'd like 1:1 coaching, you can purchase video chat time with one of our Culture Coaches in one-hour increments. While we didn't design CultureCloud to include in-person training, we do offer it and would be happy to tell you more about it. Contact us here for more information.